Welcome to the Department of Mathematics information site for prospective students. We have a lot to tell you about mathematical careers and how the Virginia Tech Math Program helps you successfully prepare for them.

Why Mathematics

Choosing a career direction is obviously one of the most important decisions of your life, and we believe that you will agree that this decision should be principally based on two factors: Taste and Talent, i.e., what do you enjoy and what do you do best? Millions of people hate to go to work on Monday morning, but only a relative few like their work so well that they hate to break away from it to come home on Monday evening. Following your heart and mind this way in choosing your major will go a long way to place you in this happy second category. Please check out CNN Financial Network's report "Applied math becomes more popular among students" and American Mathematical Society's article "Mathematical Sciences Career Information". These sites will give you a perspective on how mathematics is used professionally, and will allow you to examine the many diverse career areas that mathematicians have used to structure successful lives. We think you will be very pleasantly surprised, and relieved to know how many great possibilities there are. Hence if your tastes and talents lead you to mathematics, you do not need to back away because of any shortage of real opportunities.

Why Virginia Tech?

It is very important to choose the right school, and the choice has many dimensions. While this may be difficult to do by yourself, many respected experts have conducted detailed research and compiled thorough comparisons among the best colleges. Some of their findings about Virginia Tech include:

On the other hand, of course, you must ask what each school can, and is willing to, do for you. We sincerely believe that you cannot make a better choice than Virginia Tech in terms of the of opportunities that you would expect at a large research university combined with the personal attention to students that you would expect at a small liberal arts school. In terms of opportunities, we hope you will carefully examine the following topics described in later-linked pages that take our mathematics curriculum far beyond the ordinary:

The following topics of later-linked pages illustrate our strong emphasis on personal attention for our students.

Shop and Compare

After you examine the above items, we hope that you will want to visit us here at Virginia Tech. For general University information concerning prospective students, you will want to examine the home page for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Among the interesting items there, you will be particularly interested in the Visit link, which will list schedules of various information sessions and tours. For specific information about the Mathematics Program, contact Dr. Robert Rogers (rogers@vt.edu, (540) 231-4184, or Mathematics Department, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0123), and he will help you schedule your visitation. We are confident that the more you learn about the Mathematics at Virginia Tech, the more you will be impressed. We hope to see you soon!

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The greatest thing about the math department at Virginia Tech is that it makes you feel part of a small tight-knit community while providing benefits only a large university can offer. Class size is generally small, so you can actually get to know other math majors and most of the professors fairly well. In fact, one of my professors actually helped me land my first job!

Shelby Anderson, Class of 1984
Software Manager, Sun Microsystems

Academic Opportunities

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Career Preparation

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