Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in Math 1225? Getting off to a good start in the first semester of college will have a lasting, positive effect on a student's undergraduate career. At Virginia Tech, we place special emphasis on the readiness of incoming freshmen to succeed in calculus. Some freshmen will automatically be qualified to enroll in Math 1225 by virtue of their transcript and exam scores. You can verify your status by reviewing your orientation page in Hokie Spa. If you are not pre-qualified, there are four gateways to become eligible to enroll in Math 1225:

If students do not qualify for Math 1225 from any of the four gateways, we are confident that they are not ready for calculus. Our Calculus Readiness procedures have led to dramatic increases in grades in the calculus sequence, and also in the percentage of students who successfully complete their degrees in their initial intended calculus-related curricula.

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How do I force add into a math class? Force-Add is for students who, for reasons beyond their control, must add a mathematics course not on their schedules. Typical reasons are

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You will not be forced-added to a course if you received it at registration and dropped it later.

If you do not meet the above requirements, wait until after force-adds end. The Math Department will open the courses so that students can go to Hokie Spa, and enroll in classes that have seats available.

How do I get AP, IB, CLEP, or Cambridge Program credit for math classes? To receive AP, IB, CLEP, or Cambridge Program credit, scores must be sent directly to Virginia Tech from the testing agency. Information on VT course credit received from qualifying AP, IB, CLEP, or Cambridge Program exam scores can be found at More information on AP, IB, CLEP, and Cambridge Program credit can be found at

What is the Math Emporium? The Math Emporium is a center for mathematics that is equipped with 500 computers. Students go to the Emporium to take math courses, take tests for courses, get tutoring for math courses, or just to study.

If you are enrolled in a course offered at the Math Emporium, the course will meet at the Emporium once at the beginning of the semester for an orientation class. After orientation, you do not have to go to the Emporium at a scheduled time and can go whenever it is convenient. Further information about the math Emporium can be found at

What is credit-by-examination? Credit, not to exceed 12 semester hours, may be allowed by special examination where exceptional command of a subject can be demonstrated in lieu of formal course work. This privilege is not available to a student who has previously audited or enrolled in the course, or has previously attempted credit by examination in the course. If credit by examination is deemed appropriate, the offering department shall have full responsibility for determining the type of examination to be given and what constitutes a passing grade.

Credit established by examination may not be used to satisfy the in-residence requirements for graduation, and no grades or quality credits will be assigned.

There is a per-credit fee for the examination. The current fee is $10.00 per credit hour and is subject to change at the beginning of an academic year. Only currently enrolled undergraduate students are eligible for special examinations allowing university credit. Official approval must be obtained from the head of the department offering the course.

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What is the Trigonometry Module? The Trigonometry Module is the combination of the trigonometry section of our online textbook, online trigonometry practice problems, and the proctored assessment called the Trigonometry Test. Trig Module eligibility and a passing score (70%) on the 20 multiple choice question Trigonometry Test will earn Math 1014 transfer credit. Students who are eligible for the Trig Module will be notified by the math department via email.

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