Undergraduate Competitions

Putnam Mathematical Competition The competition began in 1938 and is designed to stimulate a healthful rivalry in mathematical studies in the colleges and universities of the United States and Canada. The competition is open only to regularly enrolled undergraduates who have not yet received a college degree. Prizes will be awarded to the departments of mathematics of the institutions with the five winning teams. In addition, there will be prizes awarded to each of the members of the teams. A Va Tech team is trained for the national Putnam Competition each December.

Virginia Tech Regional Mathematics Contest The Virginia Tech Regional Mathematics Contest is sponsored each fall by the Mathematics Department at Virginia Tech. More than 120 colleges and universities throughout VA, NC, MD, WV, TN, and DC are invited to participate each year. Now approaching its 26th year, the contest began in 1979 and has grown to the point where over 40 schools with over 200 contestants participate in a typical year. The Va Tech Regional Mathematics Contest is conducted each fall, usually near the end of October.