Research Home Pages

Slimane Adjerid Adaptive finite element methods, a posteriori error estimation, materials modeling, numerical analysis

Joseph Ball Operator theory, system and control theory

Christopher Beattie Numerical analysis, spectral theory, compuational linear algebra

Jeffrey Borggaard Numerical analysis, optimal design and control, scientific computation

Ezra Brown number theory, cryptography, combinatorics, history of mathematics, expository mathematics

John Burns Computational methods for identification, design and control of partial differential equations with applications to optimal design, structural control, control of fluid flows and smart materials

Jesse Chan High order finite element methods, discontinuous Galerkin, GPU and high performance computing, adaptive and stabilized methods

Lauren Childs Mathematical modeling, mathematical and computational biology, applied dynamical systems

Julianne Chung Scientific computing, inverse problems, image processing

Matthias Chung Scientific computing, computational biology, inverse problems, applied dynamical systems

Stanca Ciupe Mathematical modeling, mathematical biology, dynamical systems

Eric de Sturler Scientific computing

Geoffrey Dillon Numerical linear algebra, scientific computing, partial differential equations, PDE constrained optimization, inverse problems

Alexander Elgart Mathematical physics

Mark Embree Krylov subspace methods for linear systems, eigenvalue problems, model reduction; nonnormal operators and spectral perturbation theory; spectral calculations for Schrödinger operators

Jacob Fillman Spectral theory

William Floyd Low-dimensional topology, geometric group theory, discrete conformal geometry

Serkan Gugercin Dynamical systems and numerical computation

George Hagedorn Non-relativistic quantum mechanics, mathematical physics

Traian Iliescu Numerical analysis, scientific computation, computational fluid dynamics

Jong Kim Classical applied mathematics

Tao Lin Numerical methods for the forward and/or inverse problems of partial differential equations, integral equations, and integro-differential equations

Peter Linnell Group rings, homological algebra, von Neumann algebras

Honghiu Liu PDEs, stochastic PDEs, deterministic/random dynamical systems, model reductions, scientific computing

Leonardo Mihalcea Algebraic geometry, algabraic combinatorics, geometric representation theory

Henning Mortveit Graph dynamical systems

Anderson Norton Mathematics education

Daniel Orr Algebra and combinatorics related to Lie theory

Eyvindur Palsson Harmonic analysis, geometric measure theory, partial differential equations, additive number theory

Frank Quinn Topology of manifolds and CW complexes

Christian Reidys Mathematical biocomplexity

Michael Renardy Nonlinear partial differential equations, fluid mechanics

Yuriko Renardy Fluid dynamics

Robert Rogers Partial differential equations, calculus of variations, continuum mechanics, electromagnetism, hysteresis

Mark Shimozono algebraic combinatorics, representation theory, and algebraic geometry

Peter Wapperom Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), numerical methods, viscoelasticity, non-equilibrium thermodynamics

Megan Wawro Undergraduate mathematics education, linear algebra

Pengtao Yue Scientific computing and fluid mechanics

Lizette Zietsman Numerical analysis, dynamical systems