Graduate Advising

General Info Contains info about student environment, support opportunities, preparing for graduate study, admissions process, course offerings, summary of programs, and department and university resources.

Policies [pdf] Contains info about advising and general requirements, master of science degree programs, doctoral programs, and assistantships.

Scholarly Ethics and Integrity Plan [pdf]

Orientation Slides [pdf] From August 16, 2010.

Plan of Study Forms

Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate Degree Program The Mathematics Department offers an accelerated program permitting up to 12 credit hours to be counted towards both B.S. and M.S. requirements (but hours meeting B.S. requirements cannot also be used later to meet Ph.D. requirements).

Virginia Tech Graduate School

Home page Home page for the VT Graduate School.

Forms Links to many forms.

Graduation Requirements and Commencement Deadlines Timetable with deadlines for the various graduation requirements.