About Math 2114:

Math 2114 is a challenging three-credit course covering important topics in Linear Algebra including vector and matrix operations, systems of linear equations, linear independence, bases, orthonormal bases, rank, linear transformations, and diagonalization.

The textbook is Poole, David, Linear Algebra: A Modern Introduction, 4th edition with WebAssign.


Admission to Math 2114 is offered to students who have passed Math 1226, and also to students who have completed Math 1225 with a final grade of B or higher.


15642Joseph SlagelT R 3:30–4:45pmMCB 307
15643Steve GalinaitisM W F 9:05–9:55amMCB 307
15644Sohei YasudaM W F 10:10–11:00amMCB 304
15645Heath HartM W F 2:30–3:20pmMCB 304
15646Muhammad MohebujjamanM W F 4:00–4:50pmRAND 129
15647Rebecca SteinerM W F 2:30–3:20pmMCB 230
15648Cristina Letona BolivarM W F 1:25–2:15pmMCB 232
15649Steve GalinaitisM W F 8:00–8:50amMCB 332
15650Rebecca SteinerM W F 4:00–4:50pmMCB 321
15651Sarah BarretoM W F 1:25–2:15pmHOLD 114
15652Sarah BarretoM W F 10:10–11:00amMCB 307
15653Evgeny Savel'evM W F 1:25–2:15pmMCB 238
15654Sohei YasudaM W F 11:15am–12:05pmMCB 126
15655Cristina Letona BolivarM W F 9:05–9:55amMCB 321
15656Slimane AdjeridT R 8:00–9:15amMCB 218
15657Cristina Letona BolivarM W F 12:20–1:10pmMCB 129
15658Sue HagenT R 11:00am–12:15pmNCB 110B
15659Evgeny Savel'evM W F 12:20–1:10pmMCB 113
15660Cristina Letona BolivarM W F 8:00–8:50amMCB 238
15661Heath HartM W F 4:00–4:50pmROB 101
15662Margaret McQuainT R 2:00–3:15pmMCB 332
15663Rebecca SteinerM W F 12:20–1:10pmSURGE 109
15664Sue HagenT R 8:00–9:15amLIBR 101S
15665Sarah BarretoM W F 11:15am–12:05pmMCB 329
15666Margaret McQuainT R 11:00am–12:15pmMCB 304
15667Heath HartM W F 11:15am–12:05pmMCB 318
15668John BurnsT R 12:30–1:45pmMCB 240
20008Arielle Grim-McNallyT R 3:30–4:45pmMCB 233
20009Sohei YasudaM W F 1:25–2:15pmMCB 307
15669John RossiM W F 9:05–9:55amMCB 204

Course Syllabus:

Download the current assignment sheet for the course.